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Ecosystem services in New Zealand

Ecosystem Services in New Zealand cover

Ecosystem Services in New Zealand cover

John Dymond (Ed.)

Management of New Zealand's environment needs to be based on sound knowledge. Natural resource managers and policy makers now have at their fingertips the first comprehensive overview of the state of ecosystem services - the benefits people obtain from nature - in this country. More than 100 of New Zealand's leading scientists and academics have penned the 36 chapter for the 540-page book. Ecosystem services are categorised as 'provisioning', such as food, timber and freshwater; 'regulating', such as air quality, climate and pest regulation; 'cultural' such as recreation and sense of belonging; and 'supporting', such as soil quality and natural habitat resistance to weeds.

Editor John Dymond says the book was produced to improve understanding of the functioning of New Zealand's ecosystems.

ISBN: 9780478347364

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