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About us

We are New Zealand's Crown Research Institute (CRI) for our land environment.

We conduct science and research focused on environmental issues, opportunities, and solutions, and through partnering with users we aim to create value for Aotearoa New Zealand (AoNZ).

We work alongside people (our partners) with whom we can make a difference, in:

  • central and local government
  • Māori iwi, hapū, and other entities
  • the food and fibre sector and other businesses
  • the global research and science community
  • community groups and individuals.

At a time when global society is navigating climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, losses of critical biodiversity and habitat, and great societal and technological change, people are central. Whatever one’s role in society or the economy, the decisions we make now will determine what we experience and pass on to future generations.

Those decisions have become more complex. People’s needs have grown for knowledge to understand the issues, and tools to provide the capability, and confidence based on trust, to address them. Manaaki Whenua’s role over 30 years has been to meet those needs.

At our seven sites we also curate almost a third of New Zealand’s Nationally Significant Databases and Collections – reference collections of biological material, cultural knowledge, online databases and tools. These resources are used by our scientists and others across New Zealand and around the world.