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Delivering on our core purpose requires exceptional science and research spanning a wide array of scientific disciplines. Our four ambitions are designed to present our science and research in an approachable and meaningful way for all New Zealanders to engage with.

Our ambitions for New Zealand


Our ambition is that New Zealanders know about, value, and actively care for our unique biota and ecosystems.

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Our native biodiversity and our ability to derive income both from primary industries and from our unique landscapes are constantly threatened by invasive weeds, pests, and diseases. Our ambition is that New Zealand is protected from invasive biological threats.

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Our ambition is that New Zealanders use our land, soil, and water resources wisely. Finding a healthy way to balance land and ecosystem use is critical to our future prosperity, using information and tools to support effective management of our land resources.

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Our ambition is for New Zealand to be an environmentally informed nation taking action together, enabling better adaptation to climate change and greater social and economic resilience.

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