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EcoGene®: DNA-based diagnostics

By looking at the DNA from plants, insects, microbes, fungi and animals, key answers to important questions can be revealed. DNA testing can provide solutions to questions such as ‘what species is this?’ through to telling one individual apart from another. DNA testing can also be used in many different ways to support species conservation and pest management goals.

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EcoGene® provides commercial services of DNA-based diagnostics, working with organisations such as local government, universities, zoos and private enterprises in New Zealand as well as servicing international clients. EcoGene has access to a wide range of Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research expertise as well as national species collections, enabling a variety of research projects and tests.

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Species identification – using DNA to pinpoint which species a sample is from


Genotyping and monitoring – using DNA to create a genetic fingerprint per sample/individual


Microbial DNA diagnostics – using DNA to pinpoint which bacterial or fungal species a sample is from 



Disease screening – testing for DNA targets specific to certain diseases, presence/absence


Sequencing – Sanger Sequencing and fragment analysis service


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