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Our purpose

Science for our land and our future – Ko te pūtaiao mō tō tātou whenua, mō āpōpō

We are responsible for supporting New Zealand to develop a sustainable relationship with our land, through the delivery of exceptional science across a wide range of disciplines.

Our Ambition

Kia mauriora te whenua me tōna taiao.
The life-force and vitality of the land is strong.

Four Areas of Impact

At Manaaki Whenua we have four main areas of research impact. Much of our research work is focused where these research impacts overlap. This integration is important to many of our partners, who must address issues collectively and not in isolation. Our partners address not only the integration of land, water, and biodiversity, but also the integration of social, economic, and cultural dimensions.

Statement of Core Purpose

Our Statement of Core Purpose (SCP), mandated by the Crown, is to drive innovation in New Zealand's management of terrestrial biodiversity and land resources, to protect and enhance the terrestrial environment and grow New Zealand's prosperity. Our SCP requires us to:

  • improve the measurement, management, and protection of New Zealand's terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity, including those in the conservation estate.
  • achieve the sustainable use of land resources and their ecosystem services across catchments and sectors.
  • improve the measurement and mitigation of greenhouse gases in the terrestrial biosphere.
  • increase the ability of New Zealand industries and organisations to develop within environmental limits and meet market and community requirements.