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Our strategy

To help achieve our science ambitions, we have established a set of strategic goals. These goals are organised into three main areas – our culture as an organisation, how we work, and how we ensure that our science has impact.

An irresistible culture

Our people

Our culture of empowerment comes from diverse talents, great leadership and communication. We bring together best teams and provide staff with career development. Everyone is 100% committed to health, safety and well-being.

Science working with mātauranga Māori

Our work and impacts are enriched when we build understanding between scientific and Māori worldviews. Mātauranga Māori stands alongside our science in providing insights into our land and our future for all New Zealanders.

A better way of working

Our infrastructure

Our Collections and ICT support excellent research. Our sites provide great working environments, support our partnerships and are a base of interaction with New Zealanders.

Our sustainability

We invest wisely to deliver our strategy including financial resilience. We set challenging Sustainable Development Goals that reflect our vision.

Our partners

Our partnerships are enduring and are based on trust and mutual support. Through long-term partnership we increase our capacity and achieve our ambitions.

Science for impact

Innovative & challenging

We are tackling greater science challenges with greater rewards for New Zealand. We actively seek and support innovation.

Strategic & integrated

We work at longer and larger scales and on more complex problems, integrating across disciplines and stakeholders.

Valued & trusted

We are responsive to the needs of our clients and partners. We produce whole solutions with and for them. Our advice is trusted.

Engaged with all New Zealanders

We have a strong identity and we engage citizens in our research and speak with authority.

We aim to be:

  • Respected and valued nationally and globally for our excellent and relevant research.

  • A credible and trusted voice, contributing evidence in matters of public concern.

  • Recognised for tackling hard issues and science and being innovative, responsive and adaptable in our approach.

  • An employer of choice, attracting and retaining exceptional talent.

  • A preferred partner of Māori.

  • A household name known for unique stories that inform, inspire and engage the public.

  • An integrator skilled in bringing together multi-disciplinary teams and stakeholders to solve complex issues.

  • Financially sustainable and using integrated reporting against our sustainable development goals.