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Government & policy-makers

Democratic decisions need factual foundation, and the value judgements made in creating and delivering policy are expected to be underpinned by evidence. Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research provides research and advice to support policy processes for agencies responsible for natural resources and environmental management.

Society, culture and policy portfolio

One of our priority research areas, this portfolio includes undertaking and evaluating engagement processes and strategies; understanding preferences, values and governance processes for natural asset management; assessing information to underpin choices and decisions; designing policy instruments and their implementation; and tracking policy performance to enable adaptive management.

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Science and mātauranga Māori

Of particular interest is our work on environmental management and governance models, the incorporation of Māori cultural values in conservation and development, policy, planning and reporting.

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Working together with government agencies

We work with government agencies and organisations to help understand the issues of the day, teasing out the research questions and developing potential approaches to deliver this information required. We are well known for our ability to deliver

  • Systems thinking to tackle complex problems
  • Participation and co-design of research
  • Collaboration and integration across disciplines, organisations and sectors
  • Working with iwi

We value our strong relationship with government agencies and our partnerships deliver value in the science-policy interface. The partnership between MfE and Manaaki Whenua sees us collaborate on the development of programmes to support changes in resource management and at the nexus of climate change and land use. Staff secondments enable MfE to gain insights into the science methods that underpin their policy programmes, while also exposing scientists to the demands of the policy front-line.

To help government agencies access our expertise quickly and easily, Manaaki Whenua is a member of the All of Government Consultancy Panel for Policy, Research and Development and for Operations Management and Risk.