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Wetland Restoration. A handbook for New Zealand freshwater systems

Wetland Restoration: A Handbook for New Zealand Freshwater Systems brings together expertise from specialists and groups actively engaged in restoring wetlands throughout the country.
Wetland Restoration handbook cover

Wetland Restoration handbook cover

Wetland loss countrywide over the last 150 years is calculated at a staggering 90%. most of our major cities are built on wetlands – estuaries have been reclaimed and inland areas heavily drained to support a growing, land-hungry population. wetland loss continues today. however, forward-thinking individuals, community groups, schools, agency land managers, non-government organisations and ecologists, are restoring wetlands from Northland to Southland. The objectives vary widely between projects but the overall goal is clear: to return degraded wetlands back to what they once were – healthy, living ecosystems. wetland restoration: a handbook for New Zealand freshwater systems is designed to help achieve this goal.

The handbook builds on regionally based restoration guides and provides a detailed, comprehensive ecosystem approach toward understanding, protecting and enhancing our remaining wetlands. It is targeted at those who plan to, and those who already are making a difference to improving wetlands, and is written in a way that can easily be understood and importantly, acted on.


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