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John Dymond

Principal Scientist, Environmental Monitoring and Modelling
Land Use & Ecosystems
John Dymond
Palmerston North
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MSc Remote Sensing

BSc (Hons) Physics


Weeks ES, Walker S, Dymond JR, Shepherd JD, Clarkson BD 2013. Patterns of past and recent conversion of indigenous grasslands in the South Island, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 37(1): 127-138.

Weeks ES, Ausseil A-GE, Shepherd JD, Dymond JR 2013. Remote sensing methods to detect land-use/cover changes in New Zealand's ‘indigenous’ grasslands. New Zealand Geographer 69(1): 1-13.

Dymond JR, Ausseil AGE, Parfitt RL, Herzig A, McDowell RW 2013. Nitrate and phosphorus leaching in New Zealand: a national perspective. New Zealand journal of agricultural research 56(1): 49-59.

Parfitt RL, Stevenson BA, Dymond JR, Schipper LA, Baisden WT, Ballantine DJ 2012. Nitrogen inputs and outputs for New Zealand from 1990 to 2010 at national and regional scales. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 55(3): 241–262.

Ausseil A-GE, Herzig A, Dymond JR 2012. Optimising land use for multiple ecosystem service objectives: A case study in the Waitaki catchment, New Zealand. Proceedings: 6th International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs 2012), Leipzig, Germany, 1-5 July 2012. Pp. 2211-2218.

Mason NWH, Ausseil A-GE, Dymond JR, Overton JM, Price R, Carswell FE 2012. Will use of non-biodiversity objectives to select areas for ecological restoration always compromise biodiversity gains? Biological conservation 155(0): 157-168.

Dymond JR, Shepherd JD, Newsome PF, Gapare N, Burgess DW, Watt P 2012. Remote sensing of land-use change for Kyoto Protocol reporting: the New Zealand case. Environmental science & policy 16: 1-8. WOS:000301217000001

Dymond JR, De Rose R 2011. Modelling landscape evolution in the Waipaoa catchment, New Zealand - A phenomenalogical approach. Geomorphology 132(1-2): 29-34. WOS:000292672100003

Dymond J 2010. Soil erosion in New Zealand is sinking carbon (C) at 3 million tonnes per year. Soil horizons 19: 12.

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  • Adjunct Professor, Michigan State University, Michigan State University