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Remote sensing – more than meets the eye webinar series 2023

A webinar series exploring new technologies that support future action for our environment.

Manaaki Whenua lead the research and development of remote sensing of the terrestrial environment in New Zealand. Working in this space since the 1970’s, it is no surprise that our research teams are at the forefront of developing and implementing cutting edge technologies and methods to monitor and better understand the environment.  

At the beginning of May, we launched a mini-series of five webinars over five days to showcase some of the recent developments in remote sensing technologies and how these are applied to answer questions for policy-makers, councils and landowners.  

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Introductory concepts of remote sensing and classification

Presented by David Pairman

Challenges in a cloudy NZ for analysis ready satellite imagery

Presented by James Shepherd

Harnessing deep learning in the war against pests

Presented by Brent Martin

Directing predator control from space: using satellites to detect beech tree flowering

Presented by Ben Jolly

AI-powered tree mapping in urban, rural and forest environments

Presented by Jan Schnidler

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