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LinkOnline Webinar Series

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research LinkOnline is a series of short webinars and for environmental policy-makers. These sessions provide an informal way for our scientists to deliver key research outcomes or share the science challenges with a broad-based policy audience across New Zealand.

How to join

For instructions on how to join a webinar session see: How to join a LinkOnline webinar [PDF].

Previous seminars

The Link Seminar Series has been running since 2011. Older presentations (2011-2019) are available on our Link Seminars webpage.

Recent webinars can be viewed below, or the complete playlist is available on our YouTube channel.

Earthquake Resilience in the Primary Sector

Presenters: Nick Cradock-Henry and Mohsen Yazdanian, September 2021

Take a Moment to Arohia te Taiao …notice, discover, nurture, enjoy, celebrate…

Presenters: Gradon Diprose, Angela Brandt and Alison Greenaway, September 2021

Improving NZ’s water quality – what is it worth?

Presenters: Dr Patrick Walsh, Dr Maksym Polyakov and Dr Suzie Greenhalgh, August 2021

How DNA Research can help Kiwi Survive

Presenter: Danielle Middleton, July 2021

Tokoeka Kiwi - A story about a species

Presenter: Paul Scofield (Canterbury Museum), July 2021

2021 Release of the Aotearoa - New Zealand Strategy for Emerging Contaminants

Presenter: Graham Sevicke-Jones & Dr James Ataria, June 2021

Delivering cost effective biodiversity outcomes at landscape scale

Presenter: Dean Anderson, June 2021

Eradicating The Last 5% - Catching the Uncatchable Rogue

Presenters: Graham Hickling & Patrick Garvey, May 2021

Climate change policy lessons from an agricultural focused agent based model

Presenter: Fraser Morgan, April 2021

Wasp Busting Biocontrol - New agents to be released

Presenter: Bob Brown, March 2021

Te Reo o Te Repo – The Voice of the Wetland, a cultural wetland handbook

Presenters: Yvonne Taura, Bev Clarkson & Mahuru Wilcox, February 2021


Soil research advances in Aotearoa 2020

Presenters: Sam Carrick & Bryan Stevenson, December 2020

Attitudes and beliefs about the use of aerial 1080 in New Zealand

Presenter: Geoff Kaine, November 2020

Taking a well-being approach to soil health

Presenters: Bryan Stevenson and Dean Stronge, October 2020

Predicting Refuges from Myrtle Rust

Presenter: James McCarthy, October 2020

Climate Smart Landscapes

Presenter: Sandra Lavorel, October 2020

High Flyers - Advanced Remote Sensing Aotearoa

Presenter: John Dymond, September 2020

Well-being Indicators for New Zealand’s People and Nature

Presenter: Anne-Gaelle Ausseil & Alison Collins, August 2020

Digging Deeper - Improved Soil Water Retention Information in S-map

Presenter: Sam Carrick & Linda Lilburne, August 2020

New Zealand's Worst Weed

Presenter: Duane Peltzer & Rowan Sprague, July 2020

Regenerative Agriculture in New Zealand

Presenter: Gwen Grelet & Sam Lang, July 2020

Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation Supporting the COVID-19 response in NZ

Presenter: Rachelle Binny, Audrey Lustig, July 2020

Looking to the past with a view to the future: Applying conservation palaeobiology in New Zealand

Presenter: Jamie Wood, June 2020

Tweet, tweet ... making our birds count! The journey so far and coming up... the 2020 survey

Presenter: Gradon Diprose, Angela Brandt & Nicolette Dellow, June 2020

Holistic governance: from the mountains to the sea

Presenter: Alison Greenaway and Lara Taylor, June 2020

The answer is in the soil: S-map 101

Presenter: Linda Lilburne and Sam Carrick, June 2020

Seeing the forest and the trees through the Survey of Rural Decision Makers

Presenter: Pike Brown, May 2020

How New Zealand's landscape is changing – introducing the new LCDB v 5.0

Presenter: David Pairman, May 2020

Targeting vulnerability to multiple hazards in pandemic recovery

Presenter: Patrick Walsh, Nick Cradock-Henry, and Suzie Greenhalgh

Climate change impacts on land use suitability, February 2020

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