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Smarter Targeting of Erosion Control (STEC) Programme wrap-up

The Smarter Targeting of Erosion Control (STEC) programme officially ended on 30 September 2023. We marked the occasion with a day of celebration of what we achieved over the 5 years with the programme’s researchers and stakeholders. Presentations of recent work were presented and the day finished with a summary of what had been achieved. Videos of the presentations and the accompanying powerpoints are listed below.

Several PhDs and papers are due to be completed in the next 12 months, so please look out for these.

On behalf of the programme’s researchers and co-leaders Chris Phillips and Hugh Smith, we thank you for your support and interest in our research.

Introduction to the final meeting of the STEC programme

Understanding rainfall-induced shallow landslide susceptibility: Key findings from the STEC programme

Hugh Smith & team

Haunui research catchment: earthflow dynamics and sediment load contributions in a headwater catchment

Andrew Neverman, Hugh Smith, Simon Vale, Harley Betts

Knowledge-based and data-driven erosion feature mapping

Daniel Hölbling & Lorena Abad

Large deep-seated landslides in the Whanganui Rangitikei Hill Country

Ella van Staden

A preliminary Whanganui flood frequency record

Imogen Doyle, Ian Fuller, Georg Zellmer, Sean Fitzsimons, Sam McColl, Simon Vale, Mark Macklin

Climate change impacts on erosion and suspended sediment loads in New Zealand

Andrew Neverman

Mitigation: erosion & sediment control effectiveness

Chris Phillips & many others

Tree roots probability and ecosystem services: transfer of experiences from the Alps

Massi Schwarz, Feiko van Zadelhof, Ha My Ngo and Marceline Vuaridel

Cost-effectiveness of erosion mitigation to meet water clarity targets in the Manawatu-Whanganui, NZ

Maksym Polyakov, Adam Daigneault, Simon Vale, Chris Phillips, Hugh Smith

Erosion sources: quality attributes and sediment contributions

Simon Vale, Hugh Smith

Advances on river sediment properties and water quality

Rob Davies-Colley, Arman Haddadchi, Andrew Hughes

Temporal erosion and sediment transport model for predicting water clarity in rivers

John Dymond, Arman Haddadchi, Alex Herzig

Working with iwi/hapū Māori

Garth Harmsworth

Bringing it all together

Key contacts