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Stonefly (Spaniocercoides)

Taxonomic group

Notonemouridae: Spaniocercoides

Diagnostic features

Spaniocercoides stonefly nymphs have no gills between the cerci (“tails”), and no hair fringe around the pronotum (first segment behind the head) unlike Spaniocerca.


Typical habitats

There are relatively few records, but the nymphs of some Spaniocercoides live in the hyporheic zone (under the streambed) while others live on the bed or amongst vegetation. Most records are from South Island cold water streams.


We can only guess that like most other stoneflies they may feed on a range of organic matter accumulating in or on the streambed.

Indicator value

Spaniocercoides nymphs are so infrequently recorded that we don’t know much about their indicator value, though most stoneflies are associated with good water quality. They have not been assigned tolerance values.