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Taxonomic group

Gripopterygidae: Holcoperla

Diagnostic features

Holcoperla is the largest of New Zealand’s stoneflies.  They have a blotchy abdomen and anal gills between the cerci (“tails”) but these are barely visible.  Unlike other stoneflies the nymphs do not have wing pads at any stage.     

Typical habitats

Holcoperla nymphs are found in seepage habitats in mountain areas, but they are also known to live outside of the water.        


We don’t know much about the habits of this stonefly, but they are likely to feed on a range of organic matter in seepage habitats. 

Indicator value

Holcoperla  nymphs are found in mountain seepages where water quality is good, but they can also live a terrestrial life where water quality is not an issue.  They have not been assigned any tolerance values.