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Soil Quality - Modelling for Indicators

Workflows and scripting have been re-used for integration and validation of soil data as part of the process for importing legacy soil data into the NSDR. We worked closely with the Ministry for the Environment to generate soil quality indicators that were used in the 2018 land domain report, and reviewed the process for creating these to improve robustness of the workflow (Price R 2016).

Soil natural capital indicators are still an active topic of research, and as such the IDA team has been contributing to the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge to define soil natural capital functions and services that underpin the land use suitability concept (Roudier et al. 2018).


Price R 2016. Review of MfE R code for Soil health and land use indicators. Manaaki Whenua contract report for Ministry for the Environment.

Roudier P, Lilburne L, Ausseil A, Grealish G, Stevenson B, Carrick S, Manderson A, Greenhalgh S, Harmsworth G, Kalaugher E 2018. Towards a preliminary assessment of the soil security dimensions in Aotearoa/New Zealand. 3rd Global Soil Security Conference.