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Biodiversity - Modelling for Indicators

This component of the IDA project relates to two components:

  1. the development of a re-useable data-pipeline for assembling data-sets suitable for modelling, but not species occupancy modelling directly, and
  2. a review of online species modelling platforms.

The data-pipeline was initially based on the ROpenSci packages, incorporating the IDA data-federation and data-cleaning services. The customised pipeline code is not directly accessible because it utilises sensitive species occurrence data contained in restricted-access datasets.

Our review of online toolboxes for species modelling concluded with some key recommendations.

In response to the myrtle rust incursion, IDA work was directed toward use of the pipeline for a rapid synthesis of the distribution and abundance of indigenous myrtaceae species. The output was used by DOC for targeted seed-banking and is used in current MPI-funded projects for myrtle-rust management.


  • The IDA data-pipeline (not available due to data privacy restrictions)

Biodiversity pipeline


McCarthy J, Richardson S, Cooper J, Bellingham P, Wiser S 2019. Species distribution models of the native New Zealand myrtaceae. MPI Project report 18607, project 3.2 (an example of on-going research utilising IDA outputs).