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The following webinars are recorded sessions from 2023 as part of our LinkOnline webinar series.

Pretty Powerful - the weed invasion in a park near you!

Presenters: Angela Brandt & Duane Peltzer, November 2023

New Zealand’s Protected Areas Network - List it to love it!

Presenters: Simon Planzer & Stella Belliss, October 2023

Ecosourcing for resilience in a changing climate

Presenters: Peter Heenan, September 2023

Tracking New Zealand’s contribution to the Global Biodiversity Goals

Presenters: Peter Bellingham, Elaine Wright & Anne-Gaelle Ausseil, August 2023

Urgent Action to Reverse Biodiversity Loss: Introducing the new Global Biodiversity Framework

Presenters: Maya Hunt and Lillian Fougere, August 2023

The benefits of urban ecosystems in Ōtautahi Christchurch

Presenters: Dan Richards, July 2023

Read the paper related to this research: 

Inequity in nature’s contributions to people in Ōtautahi/ Christchurch: A low-density post-earthquake city

Māori frameworks for disaster recovery and climate change

Presenters: Shaun Awatere, July 2023

How can small clusters of trees add value to rural landscapes?

Presenters: David Whitehead and Sam McNally, June 2023

Moving the Middle - Empowering land managers to act in complex rural landscapes

Presenters: Suzie Greenhalgh and Fraser Morgan, May 2023

Barriers and opportunities for planting native trees on farms

Presenters: Peter Edwards and Maksym Polykov, March 2023

What drives decision making in New Zealand's primary sector?

Presenters: Pike Stahlmann-Brown, February 2023

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