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Thank you to those who joined our 2022 virtual Biosecurity Bonanza sessions this year. Our scientists enjoyed sharing the latest updates on our weed biocontrol and predator control research.

The recordings and presentations are now available to watch below or the complete playlist is on our YouTube channel.
Biosecurity Bonanza 2022

The PCE’s call to action on native ecosystem weeds

Presented by Angela Brandt


Factors leading to successful island rodent eradications

Presented by Araceli Samaniego

Metabolomics – what has it got to do with weed biocontrol?

Presented by Ronny Groenteman

Movements of feral cats in the eastern beech forests of South Island

Presented by Ivor Yockney

Predicting invasiveness using high priority exemplar species

Presented by Amy Vaughan

Thermal cameras on helicopters or drones: Some pros and cons of new technology

Presented by Bruce Warburton

Did the authors of the Flora of New Zealand Vol. IV get it wrong? Changes in the adventive flora of New Zealand documented by herbarium collections

Presented by Ines Schonberger

Establishment of two biocontrol agents on old man’s beard in the Canterbury Region

Presented by Arnaud Cartier

Stoats, genetics and the prospects of 'Predator Freedom'

Presented by Andrew Veale