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Our ambition is that New Zealanders know about, value, and actively care for our unique biota and ecosystems.

Our work enables New Zealand to

  • reverse the decline of native species, habitats and ecosystems
  • makuru ana nga mahinga kai (gather food from abundant and flourishing areas)
  • increase the resilience of natural ecosystems

Our research provides the scientific foundations needed to improve New Zealand’s ability to protect the most threatened species and ecosystems. This ability relies on a deep understanding of ecosystem resilience, tipping points and how various threats – from climate change through to invasive species – affect native species.

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Plants, fungi, arthropods & bacteria

Our work to identify and classify species underpins all other work on New Zealand’s biodiversity, as well as being vital for our biosecurity.

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Species & ecosystem conservation

We aim to understand how ecosystems function and how to manage them sustainably.

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