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Duane Peltzer

Principal Scientist, Ecosystem Ecology
Ecosystems & Conservation
Duane Peltzer
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PhD Plant Ecology

BSc (Hons) Biology


Nuske SJ, Fajardo A, Nunez MA, Pauchard A, Wardle DA, Nilsson MC, Kardol P, Smith JE, Peltzer DA, Moyano J, Gundale MJ Early Access Jun 2021. Soil biotic and abiotic effects on seedling growth exhibit context-dependent interactions: evidence from a multi-country experiment on Pinus contorta invasion. New Phytologist. WOS:000660635800001

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Pollacco JAP, Fernandez-Galvez J, Ackerer P, Belfort B, Lassabatere L, Angulo-Jaramillo R, Rajanayaka C, Lilburne L, Carrick S, Peltzer DA 2022. HyPix: 1D physically based hydrological model with novel adaptive time-stepping management and smoothing dynamic criterion for controlling Newton-Raphson step. Environmental Modelling & Software 153. WOS:000806277500002

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