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Nina Koele

Soil Scientist/Capability Leader
Land Use & Ecosystems
Nina Koele
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Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg Germany
PhD Science of Nature

University of Amsterdam
MSc (Physical Geography)


Waller LP, Allen WJ, Barratt BIP, Condron LM, Franca FM, Hunt JE, Koele N, Orwin KH, Steel GS, Tylianakis JM, Wakelin SA, Dickie IA 2020. Biotic interactions drive ecosystem responses to exotic plant invaders. Science 368(6494): 967-+. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000538332600041

Dickie IA, Koele N, Blum JD, Gleason JD, McGlone MS 2014. Mycorrhizas in changing ecosystems. Botany 92(2): 149–160.

Koele N, Dickie IA, Blum JD, Gleason JD, de Graaf L 2014. Ecological significance of mineral weathering in ectomycorrhizal and arbuscular mycorrhizal ecosystems from a field-based comparison. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 69: 63–70.

Dickie IA, Martínez-García LB, Koele N, Grelet G-A, Tylianakis JM, Peltzer DA, Richardson SJ 2013. Mycorrhizas and mycorrhizal fungal communities throughout ecosystem development. Plant and soil 367(1-2): 11-39.

Koele N 2012. The role of the stonesphere for the interactions between mycorrhizal fungi and mycorrhizosphere bacteria during mineral weathering. In: Hock B ed. Fungal associations. The Mycota. 9. Berlin, Springer. Pp. 171–180.

Koele N, Dickie IA, Oleksyn J, Richardson SJ, Reich PB 2012. No globally consistent effect of ectomycorrhizal status on foliar traits. New phytologist 196(3): 845-852.

Koele N, Storch F, Hildebrand EE 2011. The coarse-soil fraction is the main living space of fungal hyphae in the BhBs horizon of a Podzol. Journal of plant nutrition and soil science 174(5): 750-753.

Koele N, Hildebrand EE 2011. Differences in growth and nutrient uptake from a coarse-soil substrate by ectomycorrhizal- and fungicide-treated Picea abies seedlings. European journal of forest research 130(2): 317-324.


  • MfE secondment, Ministry for the Environment