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Fiona Carswell

General Manager Science
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Fiona Carswell
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PhD Environ Plant Physiology

MSc (Hons) Botany

BSc Botany


Holdaway RJ, Easdale TA, Carswell FE, Richardson SJ, Peltzer DA, Mason NWH, Brandon AM, Coomes DA 2017. Nationally representative plot network reveals contrasting drivers of net biomass change in secondary and old-growth forests. Ecosystems 20(5): 944–959.

Forbes AS, Norton DA, Carswell FE 2016. Artificial canopy gaps accelerate restoration within an exotic Pinus radiata plantation. Restoration Ecology 24(3): 336–345.

Forbes AS, Norton DA, Carswell FE 2015. Underplanting degraded exotic Pinus with indigenous conifers assists forest restoration. Ecological Management & Restoration 16(1): 41–49.

Carswell FE, Mason NWH, Overton JM, Price R, Burrows LE, Allen RB 2015. Restricting new forests to conservation lands severely constrains carbon and biodiversity gains in New Zealand. Biological Conservation 181: 206–218.

Mason NWH, Beets PN, Payton I, Burrows L, Holdaway RJ, Carswell FE 2014. Individual-based allometric equations accurately measure carbon storage and sequestration in shrublands. Forests 5(2): 309–324.

Holdaway RJ, McNeill SJ, Mason NWH, Carswell FE 2014. Propagating uncertainty in plot-based estimates of forest carbon stock and carbon stock change. Ecosystems 17(4): 627–640.

Mason NWH, Ausseil A-GE, Dymond JR, Overton JM, Price R, Carswell FE 2012. Will use of non-biodiversity objectives to select areas for ecological restoration always compromise biodiversity gains? Biological conservation 155(0): 157-168.

Mason NWH, Carswell FE, Overton JM, Briggs CM, Hall GMJ 2012. Estimation of current and potential carbon stocks and Kyoto-compliant carbon gain on conservation land. Science for conservation. Wellington, Department of Conservation. 39 p

Carswell FE, Burrows LE, Hall GMJ, Mason NWH, Allen RB 2012. Carbon and plant diversity gain during 200 years of woody succession in lowland New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 36(2): 191-202.

Dickie IA, Davis M, Carswell FE 2012. Quantification of mycorrhizal limitation in beech spread. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 36(2): 210-215.

Holdaway RJ, Burrows LE, Carswell FE, Marburg AE 2012. Potential for invasive mammalian herbivore control to result in measurable carbon gains. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 36(2): 252-264.

Carswell FE, Doherty JE, Allen RB, Brignall-Theyer ME, Richardson SJ, Wiser SK 2012. Quantification of the effects of aboveground and belowground competition on growth of seedlings in a conifer–angiosperm forest. Forest ecology and management 269: 188–196.

Mason NWH, Carswell FE, Richardson SJ, Burrows LE 2011. Leaf palatability and decomposability increase during a 200-year-old post-cultural woody succession in New Zealand. Journal of vegetation science 22(1): 6-17. WOS:000286146800002

Richardson SJ, Peltzer DA, Hurst JM, Allen RB, Bellingham PJ, Carswell FE, Clinton PW, Griffiths AD, Wiser SK, Wright EF 2009. Deadwood in New Zealand's indigenous forests. Forest ecology and management 258(11): 2456-2466.

Carswell FE, Richardson SJ, Doherty JE, Allen RB, Wiser SK 2007. Where do conifers regenerate after selective harvest? A case study from a New Zealand conifer-angiosperm forest. Forest ecology and management 23: 138-147.

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