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Jamie Wood

Senior Researcher
Ecosystems & Conservation
Jamie Wood
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Research interests

Ancient DNA, environmental DNA, extinctions, molecular ecology, palaeoecology, palynology, phylogenetics

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Recent journal articles

Carpenter JK, Innes JG, Wood JR, Lyver POB (In press) Good predators: the role of weka (Gallirallus australis) in New Zealand’s past and present ecosystems. New Zealand Journal of Ecology.

De Pietri VL, Worthy TH, Scofield RP, Cole TL, Wood JR, Mitchell KJ, Cibois A, Jansen JJFJ, Cooper A, Feng S, Chen W, Wragg GM. (In press) A new extinct species of Polynesian sandpiper (Charadriiformes: Scolopacidae: Prosobonia) from Henderson Island, Pitcairn Group, and the phylogenetic relationships of Prosobonia. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society.

Dopheide A, Makiola A, Orwin KH, Holdaway R, Wood JR, Dickie I (2020) Rarity is a more reliable indicator of land-use impacts on soil invertebrate communities than other diversity measures. eLife 2020;9:e52787.

Burge OR, Bellingham P, Arnst E, Wilmshurst JM, Burrows L, Wiser S, Buxton R, Boot K, Wood JR, Richardson SJ (2020) Integrating permanent plot and palaeoecological data to examine subalpine post-fire succession, recovery and convergence over 128 years. Journal of Vegetation Science 31: 755-767.

Wood JR, Richardson SJ, McGlone MS, Wilmshurst JM (2020) The diets of moa (Aves: Dinornithiformes). New Zealand Journal of Ecology 44: 3397.

Latham ADM, Latham MC, Wilmshurst JM, Forsyth DN, Gormley AM, Pech RP, Perry GLW, Wood JR (2020) Refined model correlating body mass with population density in flightless birds reconciles extreme bimodal population estimates for extinct moa. Ecography 43: 353-364.

Wood JR, Diaz FP, Latorre C, Wilmshurst JM, Burge OR, Gonzalez F, Gutierrez RA (2019) Ancient parasite DNA from late Quaternary Atacama Desert rodent middens. Quaternary Science Reviews 226: 106031.

McGlone MS, Wilmshurst JM, Richardson SJ, Turney CSM, Wood JR (2019) Temperature, wind, cloud and the postglacial tree line history of subantarctic Campbell Island. Forests 10: 998.

Peltzer DA, Bellingham PJ, Dickie IA, Houliston G, Hulme PE, Lyver P O’B, McGlone M, Richardson SJ, Wood JR (2019) Scale and complexity implications of making New Zealand predator-free by 2050. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 49: 412-439.

Makiola A, Dickie IA, Holdaway RJ, Wood JR, Orwin KH, Glare TR (2019) Land use is a determinant of plant pathogen alpha- but not beta-diversity. Molecular Ecology 28: 3786-3798.

Watts C, Dopheide A, Holdaway R, Davis C, Wood J, Thornburrow D, Dickie I (2019) DNA metabarcoding as a tool for invertebrate community monitoring – a case study comparison with conventional techniques. Austral Entomology 58: 675-686.

Makiola A, Dickie IA, Holdaway RJ, Wood JR, Orwin KH, Lee CK, Glare T (2019) Biases in the metabarcoding of plant pathogens using rust fungi as a model system. MicrobiologyOpen 8: e00780.

Cole TL, Ksepka DT, Mitchell KJ, Tennyson AJD, Thomas DB, Pan H, Zhang G, Rawlence NJ, Wood JR, Bover P, Bouzat JL, Cooper A, Fiddaman S, Hart T, Miller G, Ryan PG, Shepherd LD, Wilmshurst JM, Waters JM (2019) Mitogenomes uncover extinct penguin taxa and reveal island formation as a key driver of speciation. Molecular Biology and Evolution 36: 784–797.

Diaz FP, Latorre C, Carrasco-Puga G, Wood JR, Wilmshurst JM, Soto DC, Cole TL, Gutiérrez RA (2019) Multiscale climate change impacts on plant diversity in the Atacama Desert. Global Change Biology 25: 1733-1745.

Wood JR, Wilmshurst JM (2019) Comparing the effects of asynchronous herbivores on New Zealand montane vegetation communities. PLoS ONE 14: e0214959.

McGlone MS, Wood JR (2019) Early Holocene plant remains from the Cromwell Gorge, Central Otago, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 43: 3363.

McKeown M, Duckert C, Mitchell E, Wood J, Wilmshurst J (2019) Assessing the ecological value of small testate amoebae (< 45 microns) in New Zealand peatlands. European Journal of Protistology 68: 1-16.

Cole TL, Rawlence NJ, Dussex N, Ellengerg U, Houston DM, Mattern T, Miskelly CM, Morrison KW, Scofield RP, Tennyson AJD, Thompson D, Wood JR, Waters JM (2019) Ancient DNA of crested penguins: Testing for temporal genetic shifts in the world’s most diverse penguin clade. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 131: 72-79.


PhD Palaeoecology

BSc (Hons) Geology