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Graeme Rogers

Research - Technician
Land Use & Ecosystems
Graeme Rogers
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Advanced Vocational Awards
NZCS Geology


Laubach J, Hunt JE, Graham SL, Buxton RP, Rogers GND, Mudge PL, Carrick S, Whitehead D 2019. Irrigation increases forage production of newly established lucerne but enhances net ecosystem carbon losses. Science of the Total Environment 689: 921-936. WOS:000482379400089

Laubach J, Hunt JE, Graham SL, Buxton RP, Rogers GND, Mudge PL, Carrick S, Whitehead D 2019. Irrigation of newly established lucerne enchances net ecosystem carbon losses. Proceedings: OzFlux Conference 2019, Brisbane, Australia, 1-3 July 2019.

Hunt J, E., Graham SL, Laubach L, Buxton RP, Rogers GND, Carrick S, Mudge PL, Whitehead D 2018. Nitrogen budgets for irrigated and non-irrigated lucerne and linkages to the carbon cycle. Proceedings: OzFlux-Asia Flux Conference " Ecosystems Climate & Land-use Change Across Asia & Australasia", Darwin, Australia, 20-26 August 2018.

Laubach J, Hunt JE, graham SL, Buxton RP, Rogers GND, Mudge PL, Carrick S, Whitehead D 2018. Carbon and water budgets of irrigated and non-irrigated lucerne for three years from planting. Proceedings: OzFlux-Asia Flux Conference " Ecosystems Climate & Land-use Change Across Asia & Australasia", Darwin, Australia, 20-26 August 2018.

Graham S, Laubach J, Hunt J, Buxton R, Rogers G, Carrick S, Mudge P, Whitehead D 2018. Carbon and nitrogen balances for irrigated and non-irrigated lucerne: insights to minimise losses. Proceedings: NZ Society of Soil Science Conference: “Diverse Soils – Productive Landscapes”, Napier, New Zealand, 3-6 December 2018.

Laubach J, Whitehead D, Hunt J, Graham S, Buxton R, Rogers G, Mudge P, S. C 2018. Carbon and nitrogen budgets for irrigated and dryland lucerne on stony soils. Proceedings: Agriculture Greenhouse Gas Inventory Research Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, 21-22 March 2018.

Laubach J, Hunt JE, Graham SL, Buxton RP, Rogers GND, Whitehead D, Moinet GYK, Mudge PL 2018. [Poster] Paired eddy-covariance sites to quantify carbon and greenhouse gas budgets of intensive dairy farming in New Zealand. Proceedings: Joint 25th AMOS National Conference and 12th International Conference for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography, Sydney, Australia, 5-9 February 2018. Pp. 121.

Laubach J, Hunt J, Grelet G, Buxton R, Rogers G, Whitehead D 2017. The carbon balance of dryland and irrigated lucerne growing on stony soils. Soil Horizons.,-october-2017

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Rogers GND, Bonner KI, Wood JR, Wilmshurst JM 2015. The rail-cutter: a simple, cheap and compact system for opening sediment cores in the lab and field. Journal of Paleolimnology 53(4): 433–436.

Müller K, Carrick S, Thomas S, Clemens G, Hunter D, Rhodes P, Rogers G 2014. [Abstract] Is subcritical water repellency an issue for efficient irrigation in arable soils? Proceedings: New Zealand Society of Soil Science 2014 Conference "Soil Science for Future Generations", Hamilton, New Zealand, 1-4 December 2014. Pp. 67.

Graham SL, Millard P, Hunt JE, Rogers GND, Whitehead D 2012. Roots affect the response of heterotrophic soil respiration to temperature in tussock grass microcosms. Annals of Botany 110(2): 253-258.

Barbour MM, Hunt JE, Kodama N, Laubach J, McSeveny TM, Rogers GND, Tcherkez G, Wingate L 2011. Rapid changes in delta 13C of ecosystem-respired CO(2) after sunset are consistent with transient 13C enrichment of leaf respired CO(2). New Phytologist 190(4): 990-1002. WOS:000290449600019

Graham S, Millard P, Hunt J, Rogers G, Tylianakis JM, Whitehead D 2010. [Abstract] Temperature responses of root respiration, soil organic matter decomposition and rhizosphere priming in tussock grassland soils. Proceedings: Biodiversity : 2010 and beyond : programme and abstracts, University of Otago, Dunedin, 22-25 November 2010. Pp. 39.

Millard P, Hunt J, Rogers G, Whitehead D 2010. Quantifying the loss of soil C from soil organic matter, as a consequence of climate or land-use change. Soil Horizons 19: 13.

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Barbour MM, Hunt JE, Walcroft AS, Rogers GND, McSeveny TM, Whitehead D 2005. Components of ecosystem evaporation in a temperate coniferous rainforest, with canopy transpiration scaled using sapwood density. New Phytologist 165(2): 549-558.

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Whitehead D, Walcroft AS, Scott NA, Townsend JA, Trotter CM, Rogers GND 2004. Characteristics of photosynthesis and stomal conductance in the shrubland species manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) and kanuka (Kunzea ericoides) for the estimation of annual canopy carbon uptake. Tree physiology 24: 795-804.

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