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Key to Ichneumonidae in New Zealand

This key was created using Lucid 3, which works as an interactive matrix key. The key is designed only for use in New Zealand. This is the first key to Ichneumonidae genera in New Zealand, so we would appreciate any feedback. Line drawings are modified from Gauld (1984) used with the kind permission of the illustrator, Andrew Atkins. Images were taken at Landcare Research with NIS Elements and Helicon Focus.


Lucid 3 works by allowing users to "describe" their specimen by choosing features (tick boxes) of different features (characters) in the key. The key progressively eliminates genera that do not match the chosen features until an identification is made.


  • We strongly recommend the use of “ranked sorting mode” [Entities Menu>Sorting Mode>Ranked]. This gives a percentage of identification success (rather than just a yes/no). This often narrows the identification to a few genera, and then the image gallery and/or the factsheets may help confirm the identification.
  • If you are unsure of (or cannot see) a feature – then skip it. To get an identification, you do not have to select options for every feature (often identifications can be obtained with only a few characters).

“Best” feature tool. Features Menu>Best. This tool will select the next best feature to help with identification (and if you don’t like this character then choose “Next Best”!).

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System requirements

This key will run on most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and Microsoft Edge.

Although this key is not optimised for portable devices, it displays OK on tablets.



Schnitzler F-R & Ward DF. 2013. Key to Ichneumonidae in New Zealand. v1.0.

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