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LinkOnline Seminar Series

Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research Link is a series of short seminars and discussions for environmental policy-makers in Wellington. These sessions provide an informal way for our scientists to deliver key research outcomes or share the science challenges with a broad-based policy audience. The peer-to-peer feedback and discussion is valuable to the Manaaki Whenua team, and more discussions often follow. Themes to date have included a range of ecosystems services topics, the aspiration for a pest / predator free NZ, modelling of economic impacts of land use policy, freshwater management, Māori land, biodiversity, soil mapping and policy innovation.

How to join

Our seminars are now delivered by webinar. For instructions on how to join a webinar session see: How to join a LinkOnline seminar [PDF].


Previous seminars

The Link Seminar Series has been running since 2011. Older presentations (2011-2019) are available on our Link Seminar Series archive page.

Recent webinars can be viewed below.

Soil research advances in Aotearoa 2020

Presenters: Sam Carrick, Bryan Stevenson. December 2020

Attitudes and beliefs about the use of aerial 1080 in New Zealand

Presenter: Geoff Kaine, November 2020

Predicting Refuges from Myrtle Rust

Presenter: James McCarthy, October 2020

Climate Smart Landscapes

Presenter: Sandra Lavorel, October 2020


High Flyers - Advanced Remote Sensing Aotearoa

Presenter: John Dymond, September 2020

Well-being Indicators for New Zealand’s People and Nature

Presenter: Anne-Gaelle Ausseil & Alison Collins, August 2020

Digging Deeper - Improved Soil Water Retention Information in S-map

Presenter: Sam Carrick & Linda Lilburne, August 2020

New Zealand's Worst Weed

Presenter: Duane Peltzer & Rowan Sprague, July 2020

Regenerative Agriculture in New Zealand

Presenter: Gwen Grelet & Sam Lang, July 2020

Mathematics, Modelling and Simulation Supporting the COVID-19 response in NZ

Presenter: Rachelle Binny, Audrey Lustig, July 2020

Looking to the past with a view to the future: Applying conservation palaeobiology in New Zealand

Presenter: Jamie Wood, June 2020

Tweet, tweet ... making our birds count! The journey so far and coming up... the 2020 survey

Presenter: Gradon Diprose, Angela Brandt & Nicolette Dellow, June 2020

Holistic governance: from the mountains to the sea

Presenter: Alison Greenaway and Lara Taylor, June 2020

The answer is in the soil: S-map 101

Presenter: Linda Lilburne and Sam Carrick, June 2020

Seeing the forest and the trees through the Survey of Rural Decision Makers

Presenter: Pike Brown, May 2020

How New Zealand's landscape is changing – introducing the new LCDB v 5.0

Presenter: David Pairman, May 2020

Targeting vulnerability to multiple hazards in pandemic recovery

Presenter: Patrick Walsh, Nick Cradock-Henry, and Suzie Greenhalgh

Climate change impacts on land use suitability, February 2020

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