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Economic impacts of COVID-19 policy measures

The economic impact on firm revenue and employment of the New Zealand government’s response to COVID-19 and economic stimulus packages.
Targeting economic stimulus package for multiple benefits.

Targeting COVID-19 economic stimulus to mitigate flood risk

There is a window of opportunity to target economic stimulus funding in ways that achieve multiple benefits. Climate-exacerbated flood risk is one area where there is greater combined risk of potential flooding and pandemic-related social and economic pressures in some parts of the country. Our policy brief provides an approach to identify those areas likely most affected by pandemic-induced social and economic impacts and facing flood hazards.


Effect of COVID-19 wage subsidies on the labour market

During the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy payment period, job turnover rates dropped more in firms that received the wage subsidy payments than in other firms.  However, turnover in subsidised firms has returned to about pre-lockdown levels, while turnover in non-subsidised firms has remained lower than before.

This Motu analysis provides details on who was more likely to receive the wage subsidy and provides a foundation for further analysis of the impact of the wage subsidy or the pandemic and related policies on labour market adjustment and dynamics.

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