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New Zealand, like other oceanic islands, has a depauperate (species-poor) ant fauna.
There are currently 38 confirmed species from 23 genera in New Zealand. Of these, only 11 are endemic (found only in New Zealand), which are generally widespread geographically and commonly found in forested habitats. The other 27 are introduced species, accidentally transported to New Zealand by humans, mostly from Australia.

List of the ant species endemic to or established in New Zealand (including two species found on the Kermadec Islands) (Ward 2005).

This list includes several taxonomic and nomenclature changes, including using:

  • the generic name Nylanderia is now used for what was species of Paratrechina (LaPolla, J.S.; Brady, S.G.; Shattuck, S.O. 2010: Phylogeny and taxonomy of the Prenolepis genus-group of ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Systematic entomology, 35: 118-131;
  • the name Technomyrmex jocsus, (and not T. albipes), as a result of Bolton’s (2007) revision, where T. albipes was a misidentification for New Zealand;
  • the name Monomorium antipodum, rather than M. fieldi (see Gunawardana 2005), as M. antipodum as priority;
  • the name Prolasius advenus (and not P. advena) to be consistent with Bolton (1995) and apply the proper Latin ending to the species name;
  • using Paratrechina spp. to depict the species of Paratrechina currently in New Zealand. There may be up to three species and scientists are currently working on what they are and how to tell them apart;
  • and adding a new species, Hypoponera confinis, which was discovered near Wellington in 2006.

Common names are often not available at the species level, but common names for the genus are given.


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