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Simon Fowler

Senior Researcher - Weed Biocontrol
Biocontrol & Molecular Ecology
Simon Fowler
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BA (Hons) Zoology


Thompson S, Fletcher JD, Ziebell H, Beard S, Panda P, Jorgensen N, Fowler SV, Liefting LW, Berry N, Pitman AR 2013. First report of 'Candidatus Liberibacter europaeus' associated with psyllid infested Scotch broom. New Disease Reports 27: 6.

Gerard PJ, Barringer JRF, Charles JG, Fowler SV, Kean JM, Phillips CB, Tait AB, Walker GP 2013. Potential effects of climate change on biological control systems: case studies from New Zealand. BioControl 58(2): 149-162.

Cripps M, Bourdôt G, Saville D, Hinz H, Fowler S, Edwards G 2011. Influence of insects and fungal pathogens on individual and population parameters of Cirsium arvense in its native and introduced ranges. Biological invasions 13(12): 2739-2754.

Cripps MG, Gassmann A, Fowler SV, Bourdot GW, McClay AS, Edwards GR 2011. Classical biological control of Cirsium arvense : lessons from the past. Biological control 57(3): 165-174. WOS:000289775500001.

Paynter Q, Fowler SV, Gourlay AH, Groenteman R, Peterson PG, Smith L, Winks C 2010. Predicting parasitoid accumulation on biological control agents of weeds. Journal of applied ecology 47: 575-582.

Van Driesche RG, Carruthers RI, Center T, Hoddle MS, Hough-Goldstein J, Morin L, Smith L, Wagner DL, Blossey B, Brancatini V, Casagrande R, Causton CE, Coetzee JA, Cuda J, Ding J, Fowler SV, Frank JH, Fuester R, Goolsby J, Grodowitz M, Heard TA, Hill MP, Hoffmann JH, Huber J, Julien M, Kairo MTK, Kenis M, Mason P, Medal J, Messing R, Miller R, Moore A, Neuenschwander P, Newman R, Norambuena H, Palmer WA, Pemberton R, Perez Panduro A, Pratt PD, Rayamajhi M, Salom S, Sands D, Schooler S, Sheppard A, Shaw R, Schwarzländer M, Tipping PW, van Klinken RD 2010. Classical biological control for the protection of natural ecosystems. Biological control 54(Suppl 1): S2-S33.

Barton J, Fowler SV, Gianotti AF, Winks CJ, de Beurs M, Arnold GC, Forrester G 2007. Successful biological control of mist flower (Ageratina riparia) in New Zealand: Agent establishment, impact and benefits to the native flora. Biological control 40(3): 370-385.

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  • Invited Member IUCN ISSG, IUCN SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group
  • Member NZ Ent Soc, New Zealand Entomological Society
  • Member New Zealand Ecological Society , New Zealand Ecological Society
  • Fellow Roy Ent Soc, London, Royal Entomological Society (London)