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Sarah Richardson

Senior Researcher
Ecosystems & Conservation
Sarah Richardson
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Research interests

Role at Landcare Research

Scientist (Ecology)


Research interests

Ecosystem responses to changing environments

Developing and interpreting biodiversity indicators

Managing natural forests for timber production


Awards and professional affiliations

2019  Recipient, Te Tohu Taiao – Award for Ecological Excellence, New Zealand Ecological Society

2019  Co-recipient, Bio-Protection Research Centre Science Award, Biosecurity Awards

2014–2019  Council Member, New Zealand Plant Conservation Network

2014–2015  Technical Advisor, State of Environment Land Domain Working Group, Ministry for the Environment

2009–2015  Editorial Board, New Zealand Journal of Ecology

2019 ­–  Member, Canterbury Botanical Society

2014–  Member, New Zealand Plant Conservation Network

2002–  Member, New Zealand Ecological Society

1996–  Member, British Ecological Society




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