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Sam Carrick

Portfolio Leader, Characterising Land Resources
Soils & Landscapes
Sam Carrick
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Research interests

Role at Landcare Research

Portfolio Leader, Characterising Land Resources Portfolio

Soil Scientist


PhD (Soil Physics)


PhD Soil Physics




McNeill SJ, Lilburne LR, Carrick S, Webb TH, Cuthill T 2018. Pedotransfer functions for the soil water characteristics of New Zealand soils using S-map information. Geoderma 326: 96-110. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000433648800009

Carrick S, Rogers G, Cameron K, Malcolm B, Payne J 2017. Testing large area lysimeter designs to measure leaching under multiple urine patches. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 60(2): 205–215.

Pollacco JAP, Webb T, McNeill S, Hu W, Carrick S, Hewitt A, Lilburne L 2017. Saturated hydraulic conductivity model computed from bimodal water retention curves for a range of New Zealand soils. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 21(6): 2725–2737.

Gray CW, McDowell RW, Carrick S, Thomas S 2016. The effect of irrigation and urine application on phosphorus losses to subsurface flow from a stony soil. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 233: 425–431.

Müller K, Carrick S, Meenken E, Clemens G, Hunter D, Rhodes P, Thomas S 2016. Is subcritical water repellency an issue for efficient irrigation in arable soils? Soil and Tillage Research 161: 53–62.

McLeod M, Aislabie J, McGill A, Rhodes P, Carrick S 2014. Leaching of Escherichia coli from stony soils after effluent application. Journal of Environmental Quality 43(2): 528–538.

Hedley CB, Payton IJ, Lynn IH, Carrick ST, Webb TH, McNeill S 2012. Random sampling of stony and non-stony soils for testing a national soil carbon monitoring system. Soil research 50(1): 18-29.

Lilburne L, Carrick S, Webb T, Moir J 2012. Computer-based evaluation of methods to sample nitrate leached from grazed pasture. Soil use and management 28(1): 19-26. <Go to ISI>://WOS:000301047000003

Carrick S, Buchan G, Almond P, Smith N 2011. Atypical early-time infiltration into a structured soil near field capacity :the dynamic interplay between sorptivity, hydrophobicity, and air encapsulation. Geoderma 160(3-4): 579-589.

Schwarzel K, Carrick S, Wahren A, Feger KH, Bodner G, Buchan G 2011. Soil hydraulic properties of recently tilled soil under cropping rotation compared with two-year pasture. Vadose zone journal 10(1): 354-366.

Carrick S, Almond P, Buchan G, Smith N 2010. In situ characterization of hydraulic conductivities of individual soil profile layers during infiltration over long time periods. European journal of soil science 61(6): 1056-1069.

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  • Adjunct Lecturer, Soil and Physical Sciences Department, Lincoln University