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Sam Carrick

Portfolio Leader, Characterising Land Resources
Soils & Landscapes
Sam Carrick
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Research interests

Role at Landcare Research

Portfolio Leader, Characterising Land Resources Portfolio

Soil Scientist


PhD (Soil Physics)


PhD Soil Physics




Gray CW, McDowell RW, Graham SL, Hunt JE, Laubach J, Rogers GND, Carrick S, Whitehead D Early access Jul 2020. Phosphorus transport in subsurface flow from a stony soil under irrigated and non-irrigated lucerne. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research. WOS:000555114000001.

McDowell RW, Worth W, Carrick S 2021. Evidence for the leaching of dissolved organic phosphorus to depth. Science of the Total Environment 755. WOS:000600537400032.

Malcolm BJ, de Ruiter JM, Dalley DE, Carrick S, Waugh D, Arnold NP, Dellow SJ, Beare MH, Johnstone PR, Wohlers M, Brown H, Welten B, Horrocks AJ 2020. Catch crops and feeding strategy can reduce the risk of nitrogen leaching in late lactation fodder beet systems. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 63(1): 44-64. WOS:000509014600001.

Graham SL, Laubach J, Hunt JE, Eger A, Carrick S, Whitehead D 2019. Predicting soil water balance for irrigated and non-irrigated lucerne on stony, alluvial soils. Agricultural Water Management 226. WOS:000525274200015.

Vogeler I, Carrick S, Cichota R, Lilburne L 2019. Estimation of soil subsurface hydraulic conductivity based on inverse modelling and soil morphology. Journal of Hydrology 574: 373-382. WOS:000476962800030.

McNeill SJ, Lilburne LR, Carrick S, Webb TH, Cuthill T 2018. Pedotransfer functions for the soil water characteristics of New Zealand soils using S-map information. Geoderma 326: 96-110. WOS:000433648800009.

Brown H, Carrick S, Muller K, Thomas S, Sharp J, Cichota R, Holzworth D, Clothier B 2018. Modelling soil-water dynamics in the rootzone of structured and water-repellent soils. Computers & Geosciences 113: 33-42. WOS:000427209500004.

Pollacco JAP, Webb T, McNeill S, Hu W, Carrick S, Hewitt A, Lilburne L 2017. Saturated hydraulic conductivity model computed from bimodal water retention curves for a range of New Zealand soils. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 21(6): 2725–2737.

Cichota R, Kelliher FM, Thomas SM, Clemens G, Fraser PM, Carrick S 2016. Effects of irrigation intensity on preferential solute transport in a stony soil. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 59(2): 141–155. Show more


  • Adjunct Lecturer, Soil and Physical Sciences Department, Lincoln University
  • Council member NZSSS, New Zealand Soil Science Society Council