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Ronny Groenteman

Senior Researcher - Weed Biocontrol
Biocontrol & Molecular Ecology
Ronny Groenteman
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PhD Ecology

Hebrew Jerusalem
MSc Agriculture


Paynter Q, Fowler SV, Groenteman R 2018. Making weed biological control predictable, safer and more effective: perspectives from New Zealand. Biocontrol 63(3): 427-436. WOS:000434255000010

Groenteman R, Forgie SA, Hoddle MS, Ward DF, Goeke DF, Anand N 2015. Assessing invasion threats: novel insect-pathogen-natural enemy associations with native New Zealand plants in southern California. Biological Invasions 17(5): 1299–1305.

Marchetto KM, Shea K, Kelly D, Groenteman R, Sezen Z, Jongejans E 2014. Unrecognized impact of a biocontrol agent on the spread rate of an invasive thistle. Ecological Applications 24(5): 1178–1187.

Lester PJ, Beggs JR, Brown RL, Edwards ED, Groenteman R, Toft RJ, Twidle AM, Ward DF 2013. The outlook for control of New Zealand’s most abundant, widespread and damaging invertebrate pests: social wasps. New Zealand Science Review 70(4): 56–62.

Hayes L, Fowler SV, Paynter Q, Groenteman R, Peterson P, Dodd S, Bellgard S 2013. Biocontrol of weeds: achievements to date and future outlook. In: Dymond JR ed. Ecosystem services in New Zealand: conditions and trends. Lincoln, New Zealand, Manaaki Whenua Press. Pp. 375–385

Fowler SV, Paynter Q, Dodd S, Groenteman R 2012. How can ecologists help practitioners minimize non-target effects in weed biocontrol? Journal of applied ecology 46: 307-310.

Groenteman R, Fowler SV, Sullivan JJ 2011. St. John's wort beetles would not have been introduced to New Zealand now: A retrospective host range test of New Zealand's most successful weed biocontrol agents. Biological control 57(1): 50-58. WOS:000287475600007

Groenteman R, Kelly D, Fowler SV, Bourdot GW 2011. Abundance, phenology and impact of biocontrol agents on nodding thistle (Carduus nutans) in Canterbury 35 years into a biocontrol programme. New Zealand journal of agricultural research 54(1): 1-13. WOS:000288276400001

Paynter Q, Fowler SV, Gourlay AH, Groenteman R, Peterson PG, Smith L, Winks C 2010. Predicting parasitoid accumulation on biological control agents of weeds. Journal of applied ecology 47: 575-582.

Groenteman R, Kelly D, Fowler SV, Bourdot GW 2008. Which species of the thistle biocontrol agent Trichosirocalus are present in New Zealand? In: Julien MH, Sforza R, Bona MC, Evans HC, Hatcher PE, Hinz HL, Rector BG ed. Proceedings: XII International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds, La Grande Motte, France, 22-27 April, 2007. Pp. 145-149.

Groenteman R, Shaltiel L, Coll M 2008. Plants as heterogeneous resources for omnivorous bugs in conservation biological control. In: Mason PG, Gillespie DR, Vincent C ed. Proceedings: Third International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods, Christchurch, N.Z, 8-13 February, 2009. Pp. 258-267.

Groenteman R, Kelly D, Fowler SV, Bourdot G 2007. Interactions between nodding thistle seed predators. New Zealand plant protection 60: 152-157.

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  • Member, New Zealannd Ecological Society
  • Member, New Zealand Association of Scientists
  • Member, New Zealand Plant Protection Society
  • Member, New Zealand Biosecurity Institute (NZBI)
  • Secretary-General, IOBC-Global, IOBC-Global