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Peter Heenan

Senior Researcher - Botanist
Peter Heenan
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Research interests

Current flora of New Zealand projects include: te reo Māori and botanical Latin nomenclature systems; botanical studies of kowhai (Sophora); systematics of Myrtaceae; alpine plant biodiversity and evolution; taxonomy and conservation of limestone flora and management of Māori rock art sites on limestone; biogeography and phylogeny; taxonomic studies of the New Zealand flora (e.g., Pachystegia, Melicytus, Azorella, Galium).

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Heenan PB Early access Jul 2021. Taxonomy with an absence of evidence results in unnecessary nomenclatural change: the case of Tetragonia trigyna Banks & Sol. ex Hook.f. (Aizoaceae) from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany. WOS:000679318900001.

Shepherd LD, Heenan PB Early Access Aug 2021. Phylogenomic analyses reveal a history of hybridisation and introgression between Sophora sect. Edwardsia (Fabaceae) species in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany. WOS:000681120800001.

Heenan PB, McGlone MS, Mitchell CM, Cheeseman DF, Houliston GJ Early access Apr 2021. Genetic variation reveals broad-scale biogeographic patterns and challenges species' classification in the Kunzea ericoides (kanuka; Myrtaceae) complex from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany. WOS:000638158900001.

Heenan PB, Rogers GM 2021. Recognition of Geranium cruentum sp. nov. (Geraniaceae) resolves a taxonomic conundrum in New Zealand cranesbills. New Zealand Journal of Botany 59(3): 397-408.

Heenan PB, McGlone MS, Wilton AD 2021. Te reo Māori and botanical nomenclature as complementary naming systems for New Zealand’s flora. New Zealand Journal of Botany 59(3): 291-322.

Smissen RD, Ford KA, Champion PD, Heenan PB 2019. Genetic variation in Trithuria inconspicua and T. filamentosa (Hydatellaceae): a new subspecies and a hypothesis of apomixis arising within a predominantly selfing lineage. Australian Systematic Botany 32(1): 1-11. WOS:000467969500001.

Heenan PB 2019. Taxonomic notes on the New Zealand flora: the status of the extinct herb Stellaria elatinoides (Caryophyllaceae) and recognition of Stellaria multiflora subsp. multiflora from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 57(4): 309-315. WOS:000479402500001.

McGlone MS, Heenan P, Millar T, Cieraad E 2018. The biogeography, origin and characteristics of the vascular plant flora and vegetation of the New Zealand mountains. 25 25 In: Hoorn C, Perrigo A, Antonelli A ed. Mountains, climatae and biodiversity. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley Blackwell. Pp. 391-412.

Heenan PB, Wood JR, Cole TL 2018. A partial cpDNA trnL sequence from the extinct legume Streblorrhiza speciosa confirms its placement in the tribe Coluteae (Fabaceae). Phytotaxa 374(1): 87-91. WOS:000448820200008.

Shepherd LD, Heenan PB 2017. Evidence for both long-distance dispersal and isolation in the Southern Oceans: molecular phylogeny of Sophora sect Edwardsia (Fabaceae). New Zealand Journal of Botany 55(3): 334–346. Show more