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Peter Heenan

Senior Researcher - Botanist
Peter Heenan
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Research interests

Current flora of New Zealand projects include: te reo Māori and botanical Latin nomenclature systems; botanical studies of kowhai (Sophora); systematics of Myrtaceae; alpine plant biodiversity and evolution; taxonomy and conservation of limestone flora and management of Māori rock art sites on limestone; biogeography and phylogeny; taxonomic studies of the New Zealand flora (e.g., Pachystegia, Melicytus, Azorella, Galium).

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Heenan PB Early access Jul 2021. Taxonomy with an absence of evidence results in unnecessary nomenclatural change: the case of Tetragonia trigyna Banks & Sol. ex Hook.f. (Aizoaceae) from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany. WOS:000679318900001

Heenan P Early access Jul 2021. Respecting te reo Maori in botanical nomenclature: the use of long vowels replacing tohuto (macrons) and the case of kumarahou. New Zealand Journal of Botany. WOS:000673827500001

Shepherd LD, Heenan PB Early Access Aug 2021. Phylogenomic analyses reveal a history of hybridisation and introgression between Sophora sect. Edwardsia (Fabaceae) species in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany. WOS:000681120800001

Smissen RD, Heenan PB, Maurin KJL Early Access Aug 2021. New Zealand endemic Neomyrtus is sister to New Caledonian endemic Myrtastrum (Myrtaceae, Myrteae). New Zealand Journal of Botany. WOS:000687087100001

Heenan PB, McGlone MS, Mitchell CM, Cheeseman DF, Houliston GJ Early access Apr 2021. Genetic variation reveals broad-scale biogeographic patterns and challenges species' classification in the Kunzea ericoides (kanuka; Myrtaceae) complex from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany. WOS:000638158900001

Heenan PB, Houliston GJ, Mitchell CM 2021. Microsatellite markers for Gingidia enysii and G. baxterae (Apiaceae) and their taxonomic utility. New Zealand Journal of Botany 59(4): 489-496. WOS:000628032000001

Heenan PB, Rogers GM 2021. Recognition of Geranium cruentum sp. nov. (Geraniaceae) resolves a taxonomic conundrum in New Zealand cranesbills. New Zealand Journal of Botany 59(3): 397-408.

McCarthy JK, McGlone MS, Heenan PB 2021. Lineage through time analyses have their limitations: the case of the New Zealand flora. New Zealand Journal of Botany 59(2): 157-174.

Heenan PB, McGlone MS, Wilton AD 2021. Te reo Māori and botanical nomenclature as complementary naming systems for New Zealand’s flora. New Zealand Journal of Botany 59(3): 291-322.

Heenan P, Rogers G 2019. Conserving the plants of eastern South Island limestone Nga tipu o te pakeho. Christchurch, Canterbury Botanical Society. 224 p

Heenan PB 2019. A taxonomic revision of Notothlaspi (Brassicaceae), a specialist alpine genus from New Zealand. Phytotaxa 399(3): 248-260. WOS:000462434500007

Smissen RD, Ford KA, Champion PD, Heenan PB 2019. Genetic variation in Trithuria inconspicua and T. filamentosa (Hydatellaceae): a new subspecies and a hypothesis of apomixis arising within a predominantly selfing lineage. Australian Systematic Botany 32(1): 1-11. WOS:000467969500001

Heenan PB, McGlone MS 2019. Cenozoic formation and colonisation history of the New Zealand vascular flora based on molecular clock dating of the plastid rbcL gene. New Zealand Journal of Botany 57(4): 204-226. WOS:000472436000001

Heenan PB 2019. Taxonomic notes on the New Zealand flora: the status of the extinct herb Stellaria elatinoides (Caryophyllaceae) and recognition of Stellaria multiflora subsp. multiflora from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany 57(4): 309-315. WOS:000479402500001

Heenan PB, Molloy BPJ 2019. Five new and nationally threatened taxa of Brachyscome, Cardamine, Convolvulus, Geranium and Ranunculus obligate to vulnerable limestone habitats, eastern South Island, New Zealand. Phytotaxa 415(1): 32-48. WOS:000482514500002

McGlone MS, Heenan P, Millar T, Cieraad E 2018. The biogeography, origin and characteristics of the vascular plant flora and vegetation of the New Zealand mountains. 25 25 In: Hoorn C, Perrigo A, Antonelli A ed. Mountains, climatae and biodiversity. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley Blackwell. Pp. 391-412

Heenan PB, Wood JR, Cole TL 2018. A partial cpDNA trnL sequence from the extinct legume Streblorrhiza speciosa confirms its placement in the tribe Coluteae (Fabaceae). Phytotaxa 374(1): 87-91. WOS:000448820200008

Heenan PB, De Lange PJ 2018. Cardamine panatohea (Brassicaceae), a new, threatened, alpine species from New Zealand. Phytotaxa 379(3): 255-260. WOS:000451532700003

Shepherd LD, Heenan PB 2017. Evidence for both long-distance dispersal and isolation in the Southern Oceans: molecular phylogeny of Sophora sect Edwardsia (Fabaceae). New Zealand Journal of Botany 55(3): 334–346.

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