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Peter Bellingham

Senior Researcher
Ecosystems & Conservation
Peter Bellingham
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Research interests

Areas of interest

Temperate and tropical forest ecology

Special interests: consequences of disturbance and biological invasions to plant community dynamics and ecosystem function.


Walker, L.R. & Bellingham, P. 2011. Island Environments in a Changing World. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K. ISBN: 9780521732475

Mulder, C.P.H., Anderson, W.B., Towns, D.R. & Bellingham P.J. (eds.) 2011 Seabird islands: ecology, invasions, and restoration. Oxford University Press, New York, U.S.A. ISBN: 9780199735693

Recent publications

Nguyen, H., Bellingham, P.J., Fergus, A., McCarthy, J.K., Padamsee, M. & Schwendenmann, L. 2024. Comparing forest carbon fluxes at locations with different land-use histories and restoration strategies. Plant and Soil, in press.

Jo, I., Bellingham, P.J., Mason, N.W.H., McCarthy, J.K., Peltzer, D.A., Richardson, S.J. & Wright, E.F. 2024. Disturbance-mediated community characteristics and anthropogenic pressure intensify understorey plant invasions in natural forests. Journal of Ecology, in press, doi: 10.1111/1365-2745.14367.

Lai, H.R., Bellingham, P.J., McCarthy, J.K., Richardson, S.J., Wiser, S.K. & Stouffer, D.B. 2024. Detecting non-additive biotic interactions and assessing their biological relevance among temperate rainforest trees. American Naturalist, 204, in press, doi: 10.1086/730807.

Mologni, F., Bellingham, P.J., Cameron, E.K. & Wright, A.E. 2024. Time since first naturalization is key to explaining non-native plant invasions on islands. Journal of Biogeography, in press, doi: 10.1111/jbi.14825.

Nogales, M., McConkey, K.R., Carlo, T.A., Wotton, D.M., Bellingham, P.J., Traveset, A., González-Castro, A., Heleno, R., Watanabe, K., Ando, H., Rogers, H., Heinen, J.H. & Drake, D.R. 2024. A review on the state of the art in frugivory and seed dispersal on islands and the implications of global change. Botanical Review, in press, doi: 10.1007/s12229-023-02996-8.

Swann, D.E.B., Bellingham, P.J. & Martin, P.H. 2024. Cyclone–fire interactions enhance fire extent and severity in a tropical montane pine forest. Ecosystems, 27, 559-576, doi: 10.1007/s10021-024-00906-z. 

Hawcroft, A.L., Bellingham, P.J., Jo, I., Richardson, S.J. & Wright, E.F. 2024. Are populations of trees threatened by non-native herbivores more secure in New Zealand's national parks? Biological Conservation, 295, 110637, doi: 10.1016/j.biocon.2024.110637.

Ibanez, T., Bauman, D., Aiba, S.-I., Arsouze, T., Bellingham, P.J., Birkinshaw, C., Birnbaum, P., Curran, T.J., DeWalt, S.J., Dwyer, J., Fourcaud, T. , Franklin, J., Kohyama , T.S., Menkes, C., Metcalfe, D.J., Murphy, H., Muscarella, R., Plunkett, G.M., Sam, C. Tanner, E., Taylor, B.N., Thompson, J., Ticktin, T., Tuiwawa, M.V., Uriarte, M., Webb, E.L., Zimmerman, J.K. & Keppel, G. 2024. Damage to tropical forests caused by cyclones is driven by wind speed but mediated by topographical exposure and tree characteristics. Global Change Biology , 30, e17317, doi: 10.1111/gcb.17317.

Wyse, S.V., Carlin, T.F., Etherington, T.R., Faruk, A., Dickie, J.B. & Bellingham, P.J. 2024. Can seed banking assist in conserving the highly endemic New Zealand indigenous flora? Pacific Conservation Biology, 30, PC23029, doi: 10.1071/PC23029.

Gonzalez, A., Vihervaara, P., Balvanera, P., Bates, A.E., Bayraktarov, E., Bellingham, P.J., Bruder, A., Campbell, J., Catchen, M.D., Cavender-Bares, J., Chase, J., Coops, N., Costello, M.J., et al. 2023. A Global Biodiversity Observing System to unite monitoring and guide action. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 7, 1947-1952, doi: 10.1038/s41559-023-02171-0.

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Allen, K., Bellingham, P.J., Richardson, S.J., Allen, R.B., Burrows, L.E., Carswell, F.E., Husheer, S.W., St. John, M.G. & Peltzer, D.A. 2023. Long-term exclusion of invasive ungulates alters tree recruitment and functional traits but not total forest carbon. Ecological Applications, 33, e28366, doi: 10.1002/eap.2836

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PhD Plant Sciences

BForSc Forest Ecology

BSc Botany


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Hilton RG, Meunier P, Hovius N, Bellingham PJ, Galy A 2011. Landslide impact on organic carbon cycling in a temperate montane forest. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 36(12): 1670–1679.


  • Editorial Board Member, New Zealand Journal of Ecology
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Ecology