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Neil Fitzgerald

Ecosystems & Conservation
Neil Fitzgerald
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BSc (Tech) Env Science, Biology


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Smale MC, Wiser SK, Bergin MJ, Fitzgerald NB 2018. A classification of the geothermal vegetation of the Taup Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 48(1): 21-38. WOS:000419889000002.

Smale MC, Coomes DA, Parfitt RL, Peltzer DA, Mason NWH, Fitzgerald NB 2016. Post-volcanic forest succession on New Zealand's North Island: an appraisal from long-term plot data. New Zealand Journal of Botany 54(1): 11–29.

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Morgan DKJ, Waas JR, Innes J, Fitzgerald N 2011. Identification of nest predators using continuous time-lapse recording in a New Zealand city. New Zealand journal of zoology 38(4): 343-347.

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