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Manpreet Dhami

Senior Researcher
Biocontrol & Molecular Ecology
Manpreet Dhami
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Te Wananga o Aotearoa
Certificate in Te Ara Reo maori

PhD Biological Sciences

BSc Biological Sciences


Alvarez-Perez S, Dhami MK, Pozo MI, Crauwels S, Verstrepen KJ, Herrera CM, Lievens B, Jacquemyn H 2021. Genetic admixture increases phenotypic diversity in the nectar yeast Metschnikowia reukaufii. Fungal Ecology 49. WOS:000597126700002

Fekrat L, Zakiaghl M, Dhami MK, Zhang Y, Koohkanzade M 2021. De novo assembly and comparative analysis of the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of the pistachio psyllid,Agonoscena pistaciae(Hemiptera: Aphalaridae). International Journal of Tropical Insect Science 41(2): 1387-1396. WOS:000580466000005

Podolyan A, Blouin AG, Dhami MK, Veerakone S, MacDiarmid R 2020. First report of Ageratum latent virus in Veronica species and in New Zealand. Australasian Plant Disease Notes 15(1). WOS:000582877300001

Dhami MK, Hartwig T, Letten AD, Banf M, Fukami T 2018. Genomic diversity of a nectar yeast clusters into metabolically, but not geographically, distinct lineages. Molecular Ecology 27(8): 2067-2076. WOS:000431667800023

Koohkanzade M, Zakiaghl M, Dhami MK, Fekrat L, Namaghi HS 2018. Rapid identification of Bactrocera zonata (Dip.: Tephritidae) using TaqMan real-time PCR assay. PLOS One 13(10). WOS:000446383500091

Smith JR, Letten AD, Ke PJ, Anderson CB, Hendershot JN, Dhami MK, Dlott GA, Grainger TN, Howard ME, Morrison BML, Routh D, San Juan PA, Mooney HA, Mordecai EA, Crowther TW, Daily GC 2018. A global test of ecoregions. Nature Ecology & Evolution 2(12): 1889-1896. WOS:000450904100016

Toju H, Vannette RL, Gauthier M-P, Dhami MK, Fukami T 2017. Priority effects can persist across floral generations in nectar microbial metacommunities. Oikos 127(3): 315-352.

Dhami MK, Buckley TR, Beggs JR, Taylor MW 2013. Primary symbiont of the ancient scale insect family Coelostomidiidae exhibits strict cophylogenetic patterns. Symbiosis 61(2): 77–91.

Dhami MK, Weir BS, Taylor MW, Beggs JR 2013. Diverse honeydew-consuming fungal communities associated with scale insects. PLOS One 8(7): e70316.

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  • Australian Society for Biochem/NZ Microbiology Society/NZSBMB/FAOBMB
  • Executive Committee Member, New Zealand Microbiology Society