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John Innes

Senior Researcher - Wildlife Ecology
Ecosystems & Conservation
John Innes
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MSc Zoology

BSc Zoology


Innes J, Fitzgerald N, Binny R, Byrom A, Pech R, Watts C, Gillies C, Maitland M, Campbell-Hunt C, Burns B 2019. New Zealand ecosanctuaries: types, attributes and outcomes. Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 49(3): 370-393. WOS:000470651500001

Bombaci S, Pejchar L, Innes J 2018. Fenced sanctuaries deliver conservation benefits for most common and threatened native island birds in New Zealand. Ecosphere 9(11). WOS:000452621900013

Innes J, Fitzgerald N 2016. Potential bird-related research in the Cape-to-City Project, Hawkes Bay. Landcare Research Contract Report ; LC2618. Landcare Research. 16 p.

Byrom AE, Innes J, Binny RN 2016. A review of biodiversity outcomes from possum-focused pest control in New Zealand. Wildlife Research 43(3): 228–253.

Innes J, King C, Bartlam S, Forrester G, Howitt R 2015. Predator control improves nesting success in Waikato forest fragments. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 39(2): 245–253.

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Innes J, Lee W, Burns B, Campbell-Hunt C, Watts C, Phipps H, Stephens T 2012. Role of predator-proof fences in New Zealand biodiversity restoration: response to Scofield et al. (2011). New Zealand Journal of Ecology 36(2): 232–238.

King CM, Innes JG, Gleeson D, Fitzgerald N, Winstanley T, O'Brien B, Bridgman L, Cox N 2011. Reinvasion by ship rats ( Rattus rattus) of forest fragments after eradication. Biological invasions 13(10): 2391-2408. CABI:20113319543

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  • Kākāpō Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee
  • Honorary Lecturer, University of Waikato
  • Honorary Research Fellow, University of Otago
  • Chair, Maungatautari Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel, Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust
  • Predator-free Hamilton Trustee, Predator-Free Hamilton
  • Member, Takahē Recovery Group