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Jessie Prebble

Researcher - Botanist
Jessie Prebble
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Research interests

Research Interests:

Species delimitation
Plant phylogeny
Population genetics
Rare and threatened plants

Current Projects:

Species delimitation of New Zealand native forget-me-nots (Myosotis)
Population genetics and taxonomy of New Zealand native Wahlenbergia
Genome assembly of rātā Moehau
Developing genetic markers for Pimelea

Jessica Prebble (0000-0002-3032-2102) - ORCID


PhD Plant Biology

BSc (Hons) Ecology&Biodiversity

MSc Ecology & Biodiversity

BSc Ecology & Botany


Prebble JM, Symonds VV, Tate JA, Meudt HM 2022. Taxonomic revision of the southern hemisphere pygmy forget-me-not group (Myosotis; Boraginaceae) based on morphological, population genetic and climate-edaphic niche modelling data. Australian Systematic Botany 35(1): 63-94. WOS:000790933600003

McCartney AM, Hilario E, Choi SS, Guhlin J, Prebble JM, Houliston G, Buckley TR, Chagne D 2021. An exploration of assembly strategies and quality metrics on the accuracy of the rewarewa (Knightia excelsa) genome. Molecular Ecology Resources 21(6): 2125-2144. WOS:000663239800001

Prebble JM, Meudt HM, Tate JA, Symonds VV 2019. Comparing and co-analysing microsatellite and morphological data for species delimitation in the New Zealand native Myosotis pygmaea species group (Boraginaceae). Taxon 68(4): 731-750. WOS:000512896500008

Prebble JM, Meudt HM, Tate JA, Symonds VV 2018. Bolstering species delimitation in difficult species complexes by analyzing herbarium and common garden morphological data: A case study using the New Zealand native myosotis pygmaea species group (Boraginaceae). Systematic Botany 43(1): 266-289. WOS:000431147100020

Meudt HM, Prebble JM 2018. Species limits and taxonomic revision of the bracteate-prostrate group of Southern Hemisphere forget-me-nots (Myosotis, Boraginaceae), including description of three new species endemic to New Zealand. Australian Systematic Botany 31(1): 48–105.

Prebble JM, Cupido CN, Meudt HM, Garnock-Jones PJ 2011. First phylogenetic and biogeographical study of the southern bluebells (Wahlenbergia, Campanulaceae). Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 59(3): 636-648.


  • Associate Editor, Taxon