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Jerry Cooper

Senior Researcher - Mycologist
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PhD Physics


Cooper JA, Leonard P 2012. Boletopsis nothofagi sp. nov. associated with Nothofagus in the Southern Hemisphere. MycoKeys 3: 13–22.

Dickie IA, Bolstridge N, Cooper JA, Peltzer DA 2010. Co-invasion by Pinus and its mycorrhizal fungi. New phytologist 187: 475-484.

Patterson DJ, Cooper J, Kirk PM, Pyle RL, Remsen DP 2010. Names are key to the big new biology. Trends in ecology & evolution 25(12): 686-691. CCC:000284795800003

Cooper J 2010. Fungal foray. Discovery 31: 8.

Meurk C, Zvyagna N, Forrester G, Wilcox M, Hall G, North H, Cooper J, O' Halloran K 2009. Environmental, social and spatial determinants of urban arboreal character in Auckland, New Zealand. 18 18 In: McDonnell MJ, Hahs AK, Breuste JH ed. Ecology of cities and towns : a comparative approach. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Pp. 287-307

Cooper J, Wilton A 2009. The New Zealand Organisms Register (NZOR). New Zealand garden journal 12(2): 12-14.

Meurk CD, Sullivan J, Cooper J, Pawson S, Fugelstad M 2008. Announcing a new web-based facility for managing natural history observations. Newsletter / New Zealand Botanical Society 91: 12-13.

Flann C, Wilton A, Richards K, Cooper J 2007. [Abstract] Global Compositae Checklist: integrating, editing and tracking multiple datasets. Proceedings: Biodiversity Information Standards (TDWG) Annual Conference 2007, Bratislava, Slovakia, 16-22 September 2007.

Turney CSM, Roberts RG, de Jonge N, Prior C, Wilmshurst JM, McGlone MS, Cooper J 2007. Redating the advance of the New Zealand Franz Josef Glacier during the Last Termination: evidence for asynchronous climate change. Quaternary science reviews 26(25-28): 3037-3042.

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  • Member, IUCN Special Interest Subgroup on Invasive Species
  • Manager of the New Zealand Node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, New Zealand Node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  • Member, Species 2000 Catalogue of Life Global Committee, Species 2000
  • Council Member, Fungal Network of New Zealand , Fungal Network of New Zealand
  • Member, Board of Trustees, New Zealand Biodiversity Recording Network, New Zealand Biodiversity Recording Network
  • Member, Regional Council Dataversity Steering Committee, Dataversity Steering Committee