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Jane Lattimore

IBG Manager
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Jane Lattimore
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Research interests


Jane is a senior development expert with over 30 years' experience working with partners in the Pacific, Asia, Europe and South America. At Landcare Research Jane leads our contract work that underpins leveraging the vast technical skills available from our institute and marrying them with international needs in developing countries, mostly around research engagement related to land use planning, catchment management, understanding of biodiversity assets, and application of biosecurity tools and services. Frequently the nature of the work also requires establishing teams from within and outside our institute, with the main aim of developing capability in the host agency and country.

Science policy and the need for national and regional plans in the Pacific is a particular research focus. Assisting with the dialogue between policy making bodies and the research sector is vital to achieving this shared understanding and appreciation for how each branch of the equation can contribute to more rigorous evidence based decisions.


New South Wales

BA Political Science