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Jagath Ekanayake

Senior Researcher
Soils & Landscapes
Jagath Ekanayake
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PhD Natl Resources Engineering

BSc Engineering


Ekanayake J, Carrick S, Penny V 2019. Cloud-connected, smartphone-driven infiltrometer network. Soil Horizons.

Ekanayake J, Fenemor A, Payne J 2016. A tool to estimate ground water recharge from hillslopes to shallow foothill aquifers. Landcare Research Contract Report ; LC2478. Landcare Research. 36 p.

Warburton B, Jones C, Ekanayake J 2015. Remote monitoring of traps using wireless-based systems. Landcare Research Contract Report ; LC2341. Landcare Research. 16 p.

Hedley C, Ekanayake J, Roudier P 2012. Real-time tracking of the soil water balance for precision irrigation scheduling. In: Burkitt LL, Sparrow L ed. Proceedings: 5th Joint Australian and New Zealand Soil Science Conference: soil solutions for diverse landscapes, Hobart, Australia, 2-7 December 2012. Pp. 622–625.

Hedley CB, Roudier P, Yule IJ, Ekanayake J, Bradbury S 2011. Soil water status and water table modelling using EM surveys for precision irrigation scheduling. Proceedings: Second Global Workshop on Proximal Soil Sensing, Montreal, Canada, May 15-18, 2011. Pp. 8–11.

Phillips C, Ekanayake J, Marden M 2011. Root site occupancy modelling of young New Zealand native plants: implications for soil reinforcement. Plant and soil: 1-14. Show more


  • Member of institution of civil engineers new zealand (elected member since 1994), NZ institution of civil engineers
  • Elected member American Society of Civil Engineers (Since 2011), American Society of Civil Engineers