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Grant Morriss

Senior Technician - Field
Wildlife Ecology & Management
Grant Morriss
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Research interests

Role at Landcare Research

Senior Technician - Field; Wildlife Ecology and Management, Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, Lincoln

Research interests

  • Developing and field testing new methods for vertebrate pest control
  • Improving target specificity of vertebrate pesticides
  • Monitoring impacts of vertebrate pesticides
  • Welfare testing of vertebrate pest traps

Professional affiliations / recognition

Recent publications

Morriss, G.A.; O’Connor, C.E.; Airey, A.T.; Fisher, P. 2008: Factors influencing acceptance and efficacy of toxic baits in ship rats, Norway rats and house mice. Science for Conservation 282. Department of Conservation.

Fisher, P.; O’Connor, C.; Morriss, G.; Airey, A. 2007: House mice avoid 1080. Kararehe Kino 10.

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Morriss, G.; Nugent, G.; Fisher, P. 2005: Exposure of feral pigs to brodifacoum following baiting for rodent control. DOC Science Internal Series 194. Department of Conservation.

Morriss, G.A.; Manning, L.M.; O’Connor, C.E. 2003: Assessment of the primary and secondary poisoning risk posed by Feratox-poisoned possums. Landcare Research Contract Report LC0304/029.

Morriss, G.A.; Nugent, G.; O’Connor, C.E.; Stafford, K. 2003: Development and testing of a deer-repellent cereal bait for possum control. Landcare Research Contract Report LC0304/021.




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