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Anne Schlesselmann

Researcher – Conservation Ecology
Ecosystems & Conservation
Anne Schlesselmann
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Research interests

Anne Schlesselmann is an ecologist with great interest, expertise and enthusiasm for linking research with conservation management. She enjoys addressing complex issues and engaging stakeholders in the process. 


PhD Zoology

PGDipSc (Dist) Wildlife Management

BSc Biological Science


Schlesselmann AKV, Innes J, Fitzgerald N, Monks A, Walker S 2023. Invertebrate food supply and reproductive success of two native forest passerines along an elevational gradient. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 47(1). WOS:000933626000001

Schlesselmann AKV, Cooper J, Dussex N, Robertson BC 2022. New Zealand endemic open-habitat specialist, the Black-fronted Tern (Chlidonias albostriatus), experienced population expansion during Pleistocene glaciation and recent decline. Ibis. WOS:000829623800001

Carpenter JK, Walker S, Monks A, Innes J, Binny RN, Schlesselmann AKV 2021. Factors limiting kereru (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae) populations across New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 45(2). WOS:000684942600003

Schlesselmann AKV, Dussex N, Cooper J, Monks JM, O'Donnell CFJ, Robertson BC 2020. Contrasting patterns of population structure at large and fine geographical scales in a migratory avian disturbance specialist of braided river ecosystems. Diversity and Distributions 26(1): 16-33. WOS:000488368200001

Schlesselmann AKV, Robertson BC 2020. Longevity can mask low N-b if only N-e of mixed-age samples is estimated in threatened and mobile species. Conservation Genetics 21(6): 1067-1071. WOS:000530263600001