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Angela Brandt

Senior Researcher - Ecology
Ecosystems & Conservation
Angela Brandt
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Research interests

I’m broadly interested in the processes that structure ecological communities and connecting basic theory of these processes to applied ecology. Plant community assembly has been a common theme throughout my ecological research career, including both observational and experimental approaches, integrating evolutionary and ecological processes, exploring both above- and belowground drivers of species coexistence, and relating functional traits to species interactions and community structure. Within this framework, I’ve explored invasion and restoration ecology, phylogenetic community ecology, plant-soil feedbacks, and species coexistence mediated by environmental heterogeneity.

My ongoing projects involve biological invasions, especially ecology and management of non-native plants in both urban and wild contexts; ecology of New Zealand bryophytes (mosses and liverworts), the oldest land plants; and farmland sustainability assessment, with particular attention to incorporating scientific evidence into land management, policy, and decision-making.


Oregon State
PhD Zoology


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