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Andrew Fenemor

Research Associate
Landscape Policy and Governance
Andrew Fenemor
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Research interests

Andrew has over 40 years experience in hydrological research, water resource investigations and catchment management. Particular research interests are

• water allocation and management, including alternative water governance methods nationally and locally

• catchment-scale sustainability, including how to involve and motivate communities in integrated catchment management

• hydrology and groundwater analysis 

• catchment land use effects on water availability, water quality and aquatic values.

• integrated catchment management (ICM) & integrated water resource management (IWRM), including in the developing world 

• water resource management, including innovative methods such as art-science for engaging communities, tangata whenua kaupapa, the science of policy, and exploring "opportunities across the gaps" 

• water governance and complex systems

• collaborative water management processes

With both an applied research and regional government background, Andrew is also a certified and active RMA water management commissioner engaged in complex water policy and consent hearing processes.



Ohio State

BEng (Hons) Agricultural Eng


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  • Past president, NZ Hydrological Society 1996-2000
  • Civil & Natural Resources Engineering Advisory Board, University of Canterbury
  • Wairarapa Water Use Project (WWUP) Science Advisory Panel, Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • RMA Hearing Commissioner, ECan & MfE
  • RMA hearing sole commissioner - Waitaki water allocation plan change 2, Envrionment Canterbury
  • Freshwater Independent Advisory Panel, Minister for the Environment
  • Member Editorial Board Australasian Journal of Water Resources, Australasian Journal of Water Resources
  • Commissioner for Waitaki and South Canterbury water management plan changes 2015-16, Environment Canterbury
  • Fenemor A. Commissioner panel member for Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) land and water plan 2017-18, Bay of Plenty Regional Council