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Our Environment is a website designed to help you learn about the natural environments of New Zealand. Our Environment is a free, interactive, online map-based application which allows users to access and query some of Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research's considerable holdings of environmental data.

OurEnvironment users can:

  • Use interactive maps to learn about their local environment and regional variations.
  • Create high quality, custom PDF maps for printing.
  • Select particular data themes such as vegetation, land suitability or surface rock type to view as maps.
  • View detailed information from a particular data theme.
  • Obtain further details about a particular theme (metadata).

The OurEnvironment map tool allows you to view changes and issues relating to New Zealand's land cover, by exploring different versions and 'views' of the Landcover Database NZ. The 'Fly to examples' dropdown allows you to zoom to a few interesting areas where moderate to large amounts of change has taken place. The time controls can be used to limit between particular years / versions of LCDB.