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Identification keys to NZ Stink Bugs (Pentatomidae (Insecta: Hemiptera)) and surveillance tool for biosecurity

Marie-Claude Larivière, Birgit Rhode, Karen Scott
This web resource is designed to assist the public, biosecurity workers, and biologists in identifying and monitoring stink bugs in New Zealand.

Identification keys, image gallery and factsheets provide streamlined diagnostic and surveillance information to

Diagnostic information included here is primarily based on the scientific revision of New Zealand Pentatomidae by Larivière (1995, Fauna of New Zealand 35).

Image gallery and factsheets

These tools are aimed at all user levels and might provide an easier path to identification for users with little or no technical knowledge in entomology.

  • Images in the gallery and factsheets appear as thumbnails that should be clicked and enlarged so that species and morphological characters can be viewed in sufficient detail to assist identification.
  • Browsing through the image gallery allows the selection of a species or a number of species that resemble the specimen for which an identification is sought.
  • Once a likely identification is reached using the image gallery, a species factsheet can be accessed through the left hand navigation; this provides further information, including images of the main diagnostic characters for a particular species.

Identification keys

These tools are aimed at users with at least some knowledge in entomology. Examination of some characters in the keys may require the use of a hand lens or other magnifying device (e.g., microscope or an enlarged photo from a camera or smart phone).

Quick Key

A shorter key to assist rough sorting or preliminary diagnosis. The Quick Key can be used by non-entomologists and the general public once a general understanding of stink bugs body parts is gained by consulting the labelled Body parts images.

Standard Key

An update of Larivière (1995)'s key, intended for thorough diagnosis; aimed at diagnosticians and/or entomologists.

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Larivière M-C, Rhode B, Scott K. 2016. Identification keys to New Zealand Pentatomidae (Insecta: Hemiptera) and surveillance tool for biosecurity.
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