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Key to the Myrtaceae of New Zealand

This Lucid 3 key is for the identification of indigenous and exotic species within the Myrtaceae (myrtle) family that grow in New Zealand.

Murray Dawson, Matt Buys, Chris Ecroyd, Elizabeth Miller, Colin Ogle, and Peter de Lange

97 main entities are included in the NZ Myrtaceae Key (mostly species, but also subspecies, hybrids, and cultivars). Each entity links to a custom profile, created especially for this key.

This key is illustrated with more than 1,600 images and runs using 30 characters and more than 100 character-states.

It was created to assist in reporting myrtle rust occurrences for long-term monitoring and development of management options, but will also be useful to students, researchers, and others in the New Zealand botanical community.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) Biosecurity New Zealand funded creation of this key during 2019/20.

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System Requirements

This key will run on most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE and Microsoft Edge.

Although this key is not optimised for portable devices, it displays OK on tablets.

Dedicated smartphone apps are available for three of the keys on these webpages (Coprosma, Native orchids, NZ Myrtaceae).

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Dawson M., Buys M, Ecroyd C, Miller E, Ogle C, de Lange P. 2019–2020. NZ Myrtaceae Key – interactive key to Myrtaceae species of New Zealand.
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