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Diagnostic features

Branched filamentous chlorophyte with branches ending in pointed cells. Branches are one cell thick, and subbranches are similar width; there is no substantially wider main stem (cf. Draparnaldia).  Non-terminal cells are usually cylindrical, but may be barrel-shaped (a mixture may occur in the same material).  Each cell contains a single green chloroplast, which is a parietal band (cf. Cladophora).  Filaments are not embedded in mucilage (cf. Chaetophora). There is a prostrate basal system of filaments that provides attachment to the bed.

Typical habitats

Fast flowing, stony bottom habitats, including nutrient enriched streams


Kingdom Plantae
Phylum Streptophyta
Class Chlorophyceae
Order Chaetophorales
Family Chaetophoraceae
Common name Green algae