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Ko te Aitanga Pepeke o Aotearoa - New Zealand Land Invertebrates

This website provides access to information on land invertebrate taxa, primarily insects, other arthropods, and nematodes that occur in New Zealand. The information is derived from the New Zealand Arthropod Collection Names and Specimens databases.

The New Zealand Arthropod Collection Names database lists c. 34,000 names, including several synonyms and incorrectly applied names. The database indicates which of the names are preferred for use at the New Zealand Arthropod Collection (NZAC) and the National Nematode Collection of New Zealand (NNCNZ). Current data emphasize groups of insects, mites, other arthropods, and nematodes for which taxonomic expertise is available at or in association with these collections.

The New Zealand Arthropod Collection Specimens database provides information based on label data from specimens held in NZAC and NNCNZ. These collections include specimens that are native or introduced to New Zealand, as well as large holdings from the South Pacific region. As of October 2013 the database records over 22,000 specimens, including over 8,000 primary types (some with specimen and label images).

Genera are classified into families according to the New Zealand Inventory of Biodiversity (NZIB) , the Fauna of New Zealand series , and bibliographic citations associated with the New Zealand Arthropod Collection Names Database.

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